The best way to set up your golf bags

the best way to lower your scores in golf the short game hey everybody my name is George R Taylor golf professional and instructor and I love love love the short game coming out with us today and let’s see if we can help you lower your scores welcome everyone to bomb tech Golf Academy where today we’re gonna look at your golf bag and setting up and being ready for your next round so let’s get right to it first things first try to decide what kind of bag you would like would you like a stand bag like this one this is something that’s easy to be portable mobile you can move it around the range and stuff like that or would you like a staff bag that you would put on the back of the cart here if you’re mostly using carts when you’re playing first decision the next thing you want to be prepared for if you’re playing tournaments then there are the illegal rules that you deal with in tournaments and so 14 clubs is one of the things you should know about if you have 14 clubs in your bag you’re ok 14 or less 14 no more it’s not legal so decide what colors you want for that next day and have that ready also another big thing we’re here in Florida so I sweat a lot and sweat very easily I have a flat tile for myself and then I also have a towel for the clubs again something for you to consider another thing to consider is the brush cleaning your clubs after every shot I usually clean my clubs with these either the brush or the wet towel it depends on the club itself so this brush I really like because it’s retractable and I can move it around the other thing to know on these brushes too they have two different kind of brushes one for forge Club the softer ones and then one for cast Club so make sure you got the right brush on hand another thing I really like to have on bags is our name tag so it’s easily identifiable for you and identifiable for the club itself and another thing you’ll see out here on the outside of my bag this is a bag to hold all the t’s so again something to consider you’re gonna have a spot here for your balls you’re gonna have a spot here for other miscellaneous type items one of the other items you are should consider thinking about is the sharpie using a sharpie to identify your ball and that sort of thing also if you’re in Florida if you’re in Colorado the Sun is the Sun so I use a lot of sunscreen to make sure I’m protected other things to consider for me with a rangefinder very difficult for me to play with the rangefinder without one I should say so I usually always check for this in the bag itself and another thing that people have a lot of questions about how about head covers if you can use the head cover I would in my opinion suggest using head covers especially during transport of your clubs whether you’re going leaving them in the car if you’re going to leave them in a garage that sort of thing but while you’re transporting them I would always use head covers to keep them protected and try to avoid chips and that sort of thing the other thing to consider in your bag is on this bob tag hat I have a ball marker so I use the ball markers that are the magnetic type that are on this hat so ball markers you can never have enough ball markers on hand so for me that’s really important and there’s all kinds of ball markers out there poker chips and that sort of thing here I’m supporting my University of Florida Gators all right another thing in your bag is the gloves that you’re using if it’s not raining or anything or if you don’t have to play in the rain and you use just regular gloves keep those in the bag if you want another thing to consider are actual rain gloves so don’t forget about that Golf is a sport that’s about four four and a half hours long don’t forget your snacks folks so whatever snacks you have out there and of course remember those it’s a lot of things to consider when you put in your bag you can put a million different things in your bag but hopefully these are just some of the tips that I would share with you and keeping them in the bag and getting ready to play your best round of golf so I really appreciate it in summary check out all these things that we have identified today see if one of these can help you out for your next game and to lower your scores thanks for being with us today we really appreciate it until we meet again this is bomb tech Golf Academy you

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